RETTmobil 2019: Eberspaecher ensures optimum temperatures inside emergency vehicles at all times

RETTmobil 2019

  • Thermal management by Eberspaecher and Eberspaecher Kalori
  • Airtronic 2 maintains consistent temperatures inside patient compartment
  • Plugtronic electric heater for engine and passenger compartment

As a thermal management expert, Eberspaecher offers a broad portfolio tailored to the extreme requirements of ambulance services. Following the acquisition of French climate control specialist Kalori SAS, the Esslingen-based company has further expanded its expertise as a system provider according to the EN1789 standard. Among other things, Eberspaecher Kalori offers a broad range of evaporators such as the SuperK with a heat output of 4.3 kW and 3.5 kW cooling power. At RETTmobil, the air-conditioning specialists will also exhibit their HK EVO4 Kombi evaporator with its impressive heat output and cooling power of 9.5 and 8.6 kW respectively. The RK14 Kombi is suitable for roof installation on emergency vehicles and with a heat output/cooling power of 19 kW/14 kW, this unit is a genuine powerhouse. Eberspaecher Kalori has also developed an innovative adapter system for integrating individual components in existing air-conditioning units. By means of a bypass installation, this enables the addition of compressors or condensers, for example.

Powerful heater for the patient compartment
The fuel operated Airtronic M2 Commercial is a refinement of the successful air heater. It offers an impressively long lifetime as well as continuously variable control of the heat output. Airtronic ensures adjustable and consistent temperatures in the patient compartment before and during the journey. This is particularly important for patients who must be kept warm for medical reasons. The Airtronic M2 Commercial is operated using the EasyStart Pro. The permanently installed operating element is intuitive to use. The timer function allows the required starting time and heating duration to be set in advance. The display and a LED color ring around the operating button indicate the current function status.

Electric heater
The Plugtronic electric heating system guarantees cozy warmth from the very start of deployment. Operation couldn’t be simpler: To start heating mode, simply connect the power cable to a socket (230 V) and the plug-in device in the vehicle. Plugtronic is designed to allow modular expansion: The electric engine heater warms the vehicle’s coolant circuit. The Plugtronic range also includes compact cab heaters that can be positioned flexibly throughout the passenger compartment. Depending on requirements, the engine as well as the driver’s cab and patient compartment can be pre-heated or the battery automatically charged by the battery charger.

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